Personal Insurance
  • Life insurance (term, whole life, universal)
  • Disability income insurance (long-term and short term DI)
  • Health insurance (all new PPACA approved plans – on and off exchange, assistance with qualifying for government subsidies/advanced premium tax credits, cost sharing reductions, fixed indemnity plans, supplemental health)
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Annuities (deferred or immediate, fixed, equity index)
  • Retirement planning solutions

 Business & Employer-provided Insurance

  • Life insurance (individual, buy-sell agreements, key person)
  • Disability income insurance (long and short-term DI, guaranteed and simplified issue, buy-sell DI, key person DI, business overhead DI)
  • Group health insurance (all new PPACA approved plans – on and off exchange, small, mid and large groups, assistance with qualifying for Small Business Healthcare Tax Credit, voluntary employee benefits include: accident, hospital indemnity, cancer, critical illness)
  • Benefits management solutions (enrollment, benefits administration, consulting services, IT integration and more)
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